We perform all of our payment processing with Stripe

Step One: Connect your Stripe Account

From the left navigation bar, click "Integrations". At the bottom of the page, inside the Stripe box, click the connect button to connect or create an account. This will cause a modal to open up that looks like this:

Click connect and continue through the onboarding process to set up your account. If you already have a Stripe account, click the Sign In URL at the top right of the modal. Otherwise fill out the form to create a new account.

Step Two: Make Payments Optional or Required

We offer a few options for accepting payments when booking. To see these options click on Integrations on the left and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find a link called Settings that will allow you to configure the payment settings.

  • Required: Clients must pay before the booking is completed
  • Optional: Clients will have the option to pay now or later
  • Disabled: Payments are disabled and won't be offered during the booking process

These options come into play after setting the Price for each Meeting Type that you wish to charge for.

In this example, the meeting type is called Meet At your Office and in the Pricing section, the cost has been set to $150 USD. You can add tax and deposits if necessary.

How it looks to your Attendees

With your Stripe account integrated, payment settings turned to Required/Optional, and a price attached to your meeting type, you will be good to go. This is how the price will appear to attendees:

After selecting the meeting type, date, time, and filling out your form, they will be asked to confirm, at which time they will be redirected to Stripe to complete the booking process. When the payment clears, which should happen immediately, your booking will be confirmed.

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