If you want your client to agree to terms and conditions prior to completing the booking flow, you can set that up using a custom form field. to get started, navigate to your Form Fields dashboard and click the green "Create" button:

To set up your Terms and Conditions, select "Checkbox Field" from the Type of Field dropdown menu as shown below (Step 1). In the Field Options section, type in a label like Terms and Conditions (Step 2) and then enter in your Help Text (Step 3). 

The important thing to note is that Form Field links require Markdown syntax. If you're not familiar with Markdown, don't worry. All you need to do is use this format and replace the URL with your Terms and Conditions URL. 

Markdown works by putting your text in square braces followed by your url in parentheses. There must be no space between the square brace text and the parentheses url. 

For this example, you will use [terms and conditions] (http://www.your-toc-link-here.com). Just remove the space between them and when you click the green "Save Changes" button, it will turn the text into a hyperlink.

Now that you've saved the form field, users will be presented with the checkbox and a hyperlink to the TOC document, as shown below: 

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