As your business changes over time, so will your Appointlet account. Whether you're in the first stages of setup, nearing completion, or reconfiguring an established account, the Test Icon is invaluable to your success.

You can find your test icon at the top left corner of the Appointlet dashboard. Whenever you make changes to your organization's meeting types or member availability, it's a good idea to hit Test and confirm that your schedule is displaying as expected. 

We have found that organizations who test regularly when making updates to the account are the most successful users. Configuration errors can go unnoticed for months, leading to limited or non-existent availability when people come to view your booking page.

How it works and what it looks like

Clicking the test icon will keep you inside of the Appointlet application and open your booking page as an embedded popup. The events you schedule with the test tool behave in the same way that your client bookings do. The only difference is that you are scheduling from within the app's test tool, rather than on your booking page. 

Here's a demo screenshot of how the test booking page appears in-app:


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