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Imagine you were still using a paper calendar to schedule appointments. When a client requested a meeting, you would check the calendar for available time slots. If there was a good time for both parties, you would write down the client's information on the calendar. Pretty simple, right? 

Scheduling becomes more complicated as you begin to scale up to larger quantities of clients and client services. This is where digital automation can be very helpful.

Appointlet allows you to provide excellent client scheduling support through a few key features. Each Member in your company can be set up according to their unique availability. You can also pre-configure the types of services you offer through a feature called Meeting Types. By establishing your meeting types in advance, users will be able to easily select both the person and the kind of service they wish to schedule. 

The appearance of your booking page can be Personalized and Shared easily as well.

Four key steps to start accepting bookings with Appointlet:

  1. Configure your Meeting Types (the different types of bookings people schedule with you. For example a 15 minute intro call or an hour long consultation)
  2. Create your first member. If you've already done so, adjust your Member's availability (a Member is any person who is going to accept bookings with Appointlet)
  3. Personalize your booking page (the page customers and prospects use to book a time with you)
  4. Share your booking page and start receiving bookings

Configure your Meeting Types

We've created 3 meeting types to help you get started.  You can change, remove, or add Meeting Types as needed. 

Knowing "where" a meeting will take place is critical to its success. You can also personalize the email confirmations and reminders that go out to your customers and prospects.

Adjust your Available Hours

If you connected your calendar then you already have a member set up and can now adjust your available hours (Your default availability is 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday).

If you did not create a member then now is the time! Go ahead and create your first Member in Appointlet.

Check out our Calendar & Availability section for a more flexible setup of your availability, like setting up availability by meeting type and availability by date! Some tips if you're availability is still not displaying properly.

Personalize your Booking Page

Add your logo and personalize the wording displayed on your booking page. You can also collect additional information from customers and prospects when they book.

Share your Booking Page

Add your booking page to your emails, website or landing pages - wherever your customers and prospects want to reach you. You can directly link to a meeting type or member to make your scheduling more effective. 

Also, here are some of the most effective ways our users are sharing their booking page.

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