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Automatically generate Zoom conference links for each booking

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This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

In this guide we'll go through connecting with Zoom to directly generate your meeting links and include them in calendar events.

Enabling web conferencing is a two-step process.  The first step is to enable your service for web conferencing:

Setting the Meeting Type to be a video conference

On your service page, set the Location to be "We'll meet on a video conference" and write an explanation of your choice.

Once that is done, it's time to update the member information for each member.  

Connecting the members to their Zoom.us account

Note: You'll need to be an Admin on Zoom to access these credentials.

Head over to the Members section and then click on the name of the member that is doing those video conferences. 

Now, once in the member profile scroll down to the Phone & Web Conferencing section and expand it to see this:

Click on Zoom.us, it will open up a modal where you are prompted to authenticate and connect your account. Save your Changes and you should be good to go. 

Now when a customer books with you, they will also receive instructions on how to connect with your web conference. This information will be included in their confirmation and reminder emails, as well as calendar events:


Please note that we now generate Zoom passwords as part of the integration.

Admins: In the Zoom account settings there are a few checkboxes that can determine how a password must be composed. We currently set a 10 character long password (which is the longest allowed) and it's comprised of letters (upper and lower) and numbers. It will never have symbols in it, and it will never be only numbers, so if either of those checkboxes is enabled, meetings will fail to create.

The Administrator's meeting password requirement settings are configured in the following screen, which you can read more about on Zoom's website:

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