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You have clients booking and they need to include other team members on the confirmation.  These additional notification email addresses may be different for every booking. Zapier to the rescue!

To begin, we first need to create a form field so that the person booking can enter the additional email addresses.  For this tutorial we'll call the field "Also notify".

Pro tip: Including some help text can ensure that your clients fill the field in correctly.

Now save that field and head on over to Zapier!

Setting up Zapier

To begin we will need to create a new Zap. The Trigger will be Appointlet new booking and you will need to connect your Appointlet account if not already done.

Now for the Action we are going to use Email by Zapier to send an outbound email to the email addresses entered in the Also Notify field we created earlier.  So first, choose Email by Zapier as the app:

For the action choose Send Outbound Email. The next step is your template.

For the "To:" field choose your Appointlet Also Notify field:

You will now also need to build the confirmation email template to send to those email addresses. You can use any of the information passed into Zapier for the  Subject and Body.  For this tutorial let's have it show New Booking: Meeting Type - Email   as the subject:

Next, in the Body you can set up the template however you like.   Here is an example setup:

You can further customize the email by customizing the From Name and Reply to:

Once you have this customized to your liking, test this step and then save the Zap. Turn the zap on and do a test booking - you should be all set!

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