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As a member you can be automatically notified about your own new bookings by including your email address in Members > member name > Notifications. But what about the case where you need other people to know about those same new bookings? Here are some approaches!

Receive a notification for every new booking

Do you have a team member that needs to know about every new booking that comes through your organization?  That is easy to set up. 

Log into Appointlet as the account owner and click on Settings > Team.  Be sure the Booking Emails button is green by clicking on it.  For any email address where that button is green, the person will be notified any time a new booking comes through your organization.

Note: Only the owner of an organization can change these settings.

What if you want the user to see all bookings but don't want this user to gain access to the details of your organization?  Enter mail rules and filters.

Filter and forward in Gmail

We can set up confirmation emails to automatically forward to someone using Gmail filters.

To begin, log into Gmail and click on the Cog in the upper right:

And on the resulting menu click Settings:

Then click Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Add a forwarding address:

After clicking to add a forwarding address, enter the email address for the person who should receive your new booking confirmations:

Gmail will set up the forward and let you know that a confirmation code was sent to that address.  The recipient will need to send you the code to move forward.  Once you have the code, enter it on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings page:

Now let's click "Disable Forwarding" so that only our filtered emails are forwarded based on the rule we are about to create. Once that is done you'll need to click Save Changes at the bottom and then return to this screen.

Once back on this Settings screen it's time to make it so only new booking emails are forwarded.  Click to create a filter:

This will pop up a form with your search rules:

In the From field enter  

In the Subject or "Has the words" you can limit which of the Appointlet emails are forwarded.  

For example, email subjects for new bookings in Appointlet look like: New: <<Meeting Type name>> @ date/time. So you can enter "New:" in the Subject to only forward the new booking emails.

The form will look like this after being filled in:

Another example would be to only forward emails based on what was entered in a field that you collected. You would use the "Has the words" to create this filter.

Once that is filled in click Create filter with this search in the lower right:

You should now see your filter with a list of the filtered emails behind it.  If the list looks correct click, again, Create filter with this search:

Now we will see a screen with the possible actions that we want to take for these emails.   We want to choose to forward it to the email addresses we added as a forward option:

Once that is done click Create Filter and you will see confirmation that looks like this:

Now all of your new booking notifications will be forwarded to the specified email address as they come in.

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