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There are three primary ways that you can set your team members up to be booked.

  1. Let your customer decide

  2. Send a custom link to a meeting type, member, or both

  3. Round Robin (Pooled Availability)

Let your customer decide

If you want your customer to see the full organization with all bookable members and meeting types, you can simply share the Booking Page URL with them. Get started by clicking the Share icon in the upper left hand corner of your dashboard. 

The Booking Page URL is set to show all options by default. Simply click the copy button and then share that link with your customer.

This option is very similar to the previous one. Simply click on the dropdown menus to define the kind of information you want to show up via the booking link. Here is an example of what that might look like:

Round Robin (Pooled Availability)

Do you need to take bookings but don't have a preference on who gets the booking? Pooled Availability allows you to have multiple members available for a Meeting Type - we choose who gets the booking!

How to Use Pooled Availability

From your dashboard, click Meeting Types on the left nav bar and select one of the items that you want to update. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Pooled Availability field to expand. A checkbox will be revealed, giving you the option to pool availability of all members assigned to that meeting type. 

Update Member Availability

Set Up Member Availability by Date

Set Up Member Availability by Meeting Type

Availability Calendars

Availability is Displaying Incorrectly

Prevent Double Bookings

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