Are you setting UTM parameters to monitor campaigns, analytics, and conversions? If so you may want to pass through your UTM parameters from the booking link to the thank you page! Here's a quick guide to accomplishing just that.

To begin you'll need to make sure that you are Capturing UTM Parameters in your scheduler.

Next, log into and click settings:

From there choose the Redirect menu option:

Now enter the URL as below and replace "" with your own domain name (or a longer link to your thank you / landing page):{{booking.utm_source}}&utm_medium={{booking.utm_medium}}&utm_campaign={{booking.utm_campaign}}&utm_content={{booking.utm_content}}&utm_term={{booking.utm_term}}

You do not need to use all of the UTM parameters - you can choose the ones that you need for your own tracking goals.

Now close the settings window by clicking elsewhere on the screen and you are all set to move on and watch your metrics grow.

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