This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

When a customer books with you, it is important to know critical details to ensure the meeting's success. With Appointlet you can collect information from your customers and prospects by setting up Form Fields. 

Form Fields are very useful if you're looking to ask for the phone number, address, or any other question you need an answer to prior to the meeting or appointment.

To create a field to collect that information head to the Form Fields section and click Create.  Check out the process below:

Note: Our best practice recommendation for collecting phone numbers is to utilize a text field.  

You can further restrict the field to be shown only when a customer books specific Meeting Types:

Do you already have your customer information and want it included with your bookings without asking your customer to fill out a new form? Check out our guide to learn how to prepopulate form fields!

How to Prepopulate Form Fields

Include Peers in Booking Confirmation Emails

Skip the Form Fields Screen

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