This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

Your time zone is set when creating your Member profile in Appointlet. To view or change your time zone, go to your Member page:

Booking page time zone

By default, Appointlet autodetects your customers time zone while booking. What this means is that your customers will view your availability in their own time zone so they'll be able to book you without worrying about translating times.

However, if you’re only accepting bookings from people in the same time zone as you, you should lock your booking page time zone to yours. This will simplify the booking process for your customers.

To set this up, log in and click "Settings" on the top left:

In the dialog that opens, set the "Booking Page Time Zone" to "Locked" and specify the time zone which the booking page should be locked to.

Now when your customers book, they'll be able to pick a time without any second thoughts:

Once a booking has been made, the times shown on your booking dashboard will reflect the time zone of your current location, regardless of the member profile or organization settings.

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