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We appreciate that you're interested in referring people to Appointlet. To show our gratitude, we've created an affiliate program that helps you earn passive revenue when you send people our way.

But before you rush to sign up for the affiliate program, please make sure you understand the terms and conditions laid out here.

We offer 20% lifetime commissions for each paying customer you refer through Tapfiliate.

  • People must sign up via your Tapfiliate link to count as a conversion. We cannot track users who signed up independently of your link and they will not count toward your conversions.
  • Visitors will be counted as your referral if they signup after up to 45 days of clicking your link.
  • If your referrals convert (sign up) for Appointlet's free plan but do not purchase a paid subscription, you will not earn any commission. 20% of $0.00 is zero.
  • For each referral that signs up through your link and converts to paid, you will accrue 20% commission for the duration of their paid subscription. If they terminate their subscription, that commission will cease to continue.
  • $50 USD payment minimum. When your affiliate balance equals or exceeds $50 USD you’ll be paid at the start of the following month.
  • We dispense commissions via Paypal only.
  • No Fraud … okay, this one’s a no brainer. Fraud is against the law and will not be tolerated.

Tour through the Tapfiliate Interface

If this is your first time using an affiliate program with a SaaS company, it's important to have realistic expectations regarding data privacy. Tapfiliate will not disclose details about the identity of who signed up or what kind of subscription they are on.

When you've signed up, your main dashboard looks like this:

As you can see, when someone clicks on your affiliate link, the Click Metric will register it. If a user signs up for our freemium trial, they will be registered as a conversion. When someone transitions from a free account to paid, Affiliate will begin tracking what it calls "conversion value" and from there you will begin to see a Commission amount. As stated above, Appointlet dispenses payment for commission amounts of $50 USD or more.

Accessing your Tapfiliate Link

To access your Tapfiliate link, the first thing you'll need to do is sign up with Tapfiliate. Once you have an account, you can login and navigate to Assets via their left navigation menu. Copy this link to your clipboard and you can share it with your audience as desired.

Wondering where to share your affiliate link? Check out this article for some ideas.

Thank you again for your interest in promoting Appointlet. If you have any additional questions about the affiliate program, feel free to contact us directly.

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