This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

When you first create a Member, Appointlet will default the Availability to Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. This guide will walk you through the configuration process in greater detail.

Update Start, End, and Meeting Frequency for each day

Each day in your schedule(s) can be edited by clicking on the rectangle holding the start and end times, as shown in the image below. 

Once you finish configuring the days on your schedule, you can also specify the types of meetings that this member will accept, along with the start and end dates of that schedule. 

As shown in the image below, simply select the applicable meeting types and fill out the Valid From / Valid Until fields. If the schedule is valid indefinitely, you can select "Never Ends". 

Let's imagine that you are doing job interviews from February 1st to February 15th, and that is all we are offering for bookings at the moment. We'll set "Valid From" field to 2018-02-01. The "Valid Until" field does not include the date specified in the field, so you'll need to enter the following date instead.  If we want to take bookings on Feb 15th then we'll need to enter 2018-02-16.

What if I want to set up multiple schedules?

To set up additional schedules, click the " + " icon directly to the right of your current schedule tab, as shown in the animated image below. Once you've created this second schedule, simply configure it and save your changes to update the Member. 

Note: Be certain that your schedules do not contradict each other. Errors will surface if the schedules are not compatible. For example, if both schedules are for the same meeting type, during the same time range, and permit booking on the same day at the same time, Appointlet will not know which availability to use. 

Method II: Scheduling using Busy Events

If you have a schedule that changes weekly, here are some tips on keeping Appointlet in-the-know:

  • Set the available hours (or manual start times) on your member to a close approximation of your schedule.

  • In your Calendar, use events to mask the times you want to be considered unavailable. These "blocking" events will prevent Appointlet from booking the restricted times.

This work works well when events and appointments are the primary reason that your schedule fluctuates. By putting those events in your calendar, Appointlet will keep up with your dynamic schedule.

Do you need to set up availability by Meeting Type and date? Combine the instructions in Method I above with the instructions from this guide to make it happen!

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