Knowing how and where a meeting is going to take place is critical to the meeting's success.  Appointlet has functionality to make communication the meeting location as seamless and clear as possible.

Location and Meeting Type instructions are attached to each Meeting Type and can be customized in the Location section:

Choosing Between How Will You Meet Options:

  • We'll meet on a video conference: Select this option if you are going to meet on a conferencing service such as GoToMeeting,, or Check out more about setting up a video conference with each booking.
  • We'll call the customer: Select this if you want your customer to provide a phone number or other meeting details. See more about collecting information from your customer.
  • Customer will call us: Choose this if you are providing conference call information.  Check out this guide under the Other Software section.
  • We'll specify the meeting location: Use this if you intend to meet up in person. For example, enter the address of your office building in the explanation field and that same address will show up as the location on the calendar.
  • We'll meet at a location specified by the customer: Choose this if you want the customer to specify the physical meeting location. See more about collecting information from your customer.

Explaining the Choice behind How Will You meet

Once you choose how you will meet, a new field will appear asking for an explanation:

When setting how will you meet make sure to fill out the explanation field to communicate specifics on how and where to meet.

How will the customer know where to meet?

We display the location in:

  • Confirmation and reminder emails
  • Your customer's calendar as well as your calendar
  • Booking Dashboard

Here is how it looks!

Web Conference: 

Street Location

Video Conference with Other Software

Booking Dashboard

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