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It's easy to get confused when thinking about the difference between a meeting's length and its frequency. What do we mean by those terms?

Meeting Type Duration

The meeting type duration is set on Meeting Types as shown below:

Under each meeting type name, you can see its length in minutes/hours. 

If you click through one of the meeting types, you'll find duration is located at the top, in the General section:

Meeting Frequency

To understand frequency, you'll need to look at a booking page:

The time picker here displays a member's availability. 

The meeting frequency on this example is set to 30 minutes, which is why most of the times progress 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM, etc. 

So where do these frequencies get defined? 

Inside a member profile

Inside the member profile, if you click on one of the time blocks in your schedule, this modal will pop up: 

As you can see, the frequency is set to 30 minutes. You can change this to another value by clicking the dropdown menu. 

Each member availability schedule can be assigned to a collection of meeting types (it's set to all by default). 

Demo: Booking 10 minute meeting with 30 minute frequency

Let's say that frequency is set to 30 minutes and someone books a 10 minute meeting. 

If the attendee books their 10 minute meeting at 12:00 PM, that time block disappears and the next time to show is 12:30 PM. 

In conclusion, the time frequency refers to how often times are shown on the time picker, whereas meeting length and buffers determine how much time the actual meetings consume. 

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