Once your Stripe account has been setup and connected in Appointlet, you may want to run a test to make sure it's working. If you haven't set up stripe yet, please see these instructions.

To test your account, begin by creating a new meeting type:

Configure your meeting type as shown here:

Save your private $1 meeting type and preview the booking page:


From here you will be walked through the booking flow. If the Stripe account is connected, you will be prompted to pay. 

Stripe requires a $1 minimum to test payment integrations, so this meeting type will qualify. When the booking goes through, you should see the money come through to your Stripe account, and it will come back to you as a bank deposit a few days later. 

Note: If you hit Preview and no availability shows, it's probably because your team members are assigned to specific meeting types, rather than "all". 

Once you save this, go back to the meeting type and preview the booking page to run the test. At that point, your availability should show up. 

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