There are two categories of Web Conference Links that exist in Appointlet - Static and Dynamic. A static url will always be the same, no matter who books with you. A dynamic url will always be different, because it is generated on demand whenever someone books with you.

If you are currently using one of our integrated web conferencing apps (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Join.Me, and Google Meet) then by default we are going to generate a unique URL each time you get a booking. To generate a static URL with one of the integrated conference apps, follow these simple instructions:

Open your Members & Availability dashboard. Choose the member that you want to update. From the member profile, open Phone & Web Conferencing. Rather than selecting the icon of the service you're using, select Other Software.

From here you can provide a static url in the Meeting Room URL field. Add a nickname to this configuration and click Save Changes to store it. 

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