When configuring a meeting type, you have the option to define the meeting location. If you would like the customer to decide where you will meet, you can do so with two simple actions.

Step One: Configure the Meeting Type

On the meeting type, open the Location section and select either "Customer will specify..." or "We will specify..." options from the dropdown menu. When you're done, hit the green save button to close out of the Meeting Type configuration page.

Step Two: Configure the Location Form Field

Navigate to your Form Fields dashboard and create a new field for Location. Select "Street Address Field" from the Type of Field section. From here, set up the form field as you typically would. For details on how to set up a form field, see this article

Outcome: A clickable link to get directions

Once the meeting type and form field are configured correctly, go ahead and create a test booking. The clickable link will display differently depending on the scenario.

If you selected "We'll Specify" then the meeting details will display a button next to the Location section that says "Get Directions" as shown above. If you click this, the app will open Google Maps.

If you selected "Customer will specify" then the location will display as a clickable hyperlink which similarly opens up the destination in Google Maps. 

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