This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

There are a few places where you might encounter difficulties with your Office 365 email calendar integration. We recommend trying the following steps: 

  1. Make sure that you are using a modern browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are both reliable options.

  2. Office 365 has an Admin-level concept called User Consent that must be turned on. Without that, your email calendar will not integrate with any third parties, including us. If you are not sure whether User Consent is on, please read this help article at the Office website and follow their instructions.

  3. If your email account administrator turns on 2FA (Two-factor or Multifactor Authentication) it will break any existing email calendar integrations with third party providers like Appointlet. Simply have your team log back in and reconnect the calendar if this happens. No additional reconfiguration is required.

  4. If you are logged into on the browser and cannot integrate at Appointlet, try logging out of and refreshing the Appointlet page. This has been known to fix some edge cases.

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