This article is for the Legacy version of Appointlet. Click here for the instructions on the most recent app version.

If you've configured a member profile, but the scheduled availability does not show up correctly on your Booking Page, here are a few simple tests you can run in order to resolve the issue. 

Review your member's schedule configuration

In addition to the Available Hours section, you should also check the Scheduling Rules that you've set. If the Maximum Bookings per day feature is active, this may be responsible for blocking your availability when that number of bookings has already been received:

Use the "Test" feature 

At the top left of Appointlet's dashboard you will find a test icon. Click the icon to view your global booking page for all members and meeting types. This is recommended because in some cases you may be looking at a booking page that targets a specific member or meeting type. 

Note: Make sure your member's timezone is set correctly. This can be adjusted by signing in and going to your Staff Member page. You'll find the timezone under the "General" section.

Check your Booking Dashboard for existing bookings 

Have you checked to see if certain times are unavailable due to an existing booking with Appointlet? Take a look at the Bookings Dashboard and scroll to the date and time in question. Appointlet does not support double bookings for the same member, so if there is an existing event attributed to that member, our booking page will block it off from the member's availability.

Check your Email Calendar for existing bookings

If your availability on the booking page appears to be incomplete, and you don't see anything in Appointlet's Bookings Dashbaord, then it's very possible that you have existing events in your calendar. Follow these steps to run your test:

  1. Identify a day and time that you marked as available on the member's schedule configuration, that is not currently showing up on the booking page

  2. Open a new browser tab and navigate to your Google or Office 365 calendar. Check the specific date and time to see if there is an existing event. 

  3. If there is no meeting at that specific date and time, be sure to check for multi-day events. Appointlet users often forget that a multi-day event marked as "busy" will make that entire span of time unavailable on the booking page. 

Check your Meeting Types

People often forget to check their meeting types for availability conflicts. Here are a few areas where you can get into trouble if you're not paying close attention: 

1) Required Notice: If you require advanced notice for a meeting type, then those parameters will limit your availability on the booking page. In this example, the booking page would only display seven days of availability, due to the maximum notice. Additionally, the current day's availability would not show because there is a minimum notice of 1 day. 

2) Breaks: If you have pre-meeting and/or post-meeting buffers on a meeting type, it can interfere with your schedule. For example, if you have a one-hour meeting with 30 minute buffers on both end, then that meeting will actually consume two hours on your booking page calendar. 

3) Check Your Schedule Frequency: If you have gone through all of the previous steps and are still seeing some issues, you can try returning to your Available Hours and Meeting Types and clicking on the schedule details of the day in question.

Within these details, take a look at the "Frequency" setting. The frequency will dictate how often a certain time is available:

For example, if you have a meeting scheduled from 10:30 - 11:30 AM, configured with 45-minute breaks before and after the event, then you might have expected to see time available at 9:45. and 12:15. However, due to the 30-minute meeting frequency, the schedule availability would show as 9:30 and 12:30 instead. 


As you can see, there are a variety of configuration settings that contribute to the way your availability displays on the booking page. The factors outlined above are the most common reasons that they would not display correctly. 

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