Appointlet currently offers a flat pricing structure of $10 per month for each Member that is accepting bookings with Appointlet. That means each Member that has been added to the "Members & Availability" page. All of our features are included in that price.  You can see them here.

If you need to change the number of Members at any stage, just go ahead and make the change (add or delete members). Your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

If you go to a lower number, you will receive a credit for the unused members that you have already paid for. If you increase the number, you will approve the change to the amount for the next renewal date.

Note: Do not confuse the number of members on your organization with the number of people in your Team Access settings - you can invite unlimited people to your organization's Team Access without any charge.

We also offer a 20% discount if you want to switch to annual payments. 

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