Appointlet currently offers a flat pricing structure of $10 per member per month. We also offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions. A detailed comparison of free and premium plans can be found on our pricing page.

How do I find my total monthly cost in Appointlet?

Begin by logging in and clicking the blue icon in your dashboard, located in the upper right. Select billing and subscription to view your member quantity.

If you have only one organization, then this page will present you with your estimated cost per month.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of multiple organizations, your bill will be calculated based on the sum total cost across all orgs. Just click on the dropdown menu to check for other organizations or members.

What are members in Appointlet?

The "members" alluded to in your billing modal can be found in your Members & Availability section. Click on the tab to view the members for each organization.

If you own multiple organizations, you can toggle between them by clicking the down-caret located at the upper left corner of your dashboard.

How do I change my member quantity in Appointlet?

You can add and subtract members from your organizations at will. Your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

When an organization's member quantity is reduced, a prorated credit is issued. Likewise, if members are added during a billing cycle, a prorated cost for service rendered is calculated by our billing service.

What about the Team Access modal in Organization Settings?

The Team Access list represents all of the users in your organization. This is different from the concept of members which represents the entities that can be booked.

Do not confuse the number of members on your organization with the number of people in your Team Access settings. You can invite unlimited people to your organization's Team Access without any charge.

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